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Our New House

When my dad said that we were going to move I wasn't too happy about it. We had moved too much as it was. This would be our third time in five years.

Our new house was at Monday Bay and my dad said this would be our last move for a long time. I liked the new town but I was worried about what our neighbors would be like? I know we have neighbors, I have seen their houses, but I haven't seen them.

This is the first time I have had neighbors so close. We have always lived in the country with a lot of land. At Monday Bay I will only have a small yard. I won't be able to fly my radio-controlled airplane, or go for long walks in the paddocks.

But there is a lot to do in a town. I can join a basketball or baseball team and meet more kids. But I am worried what the neighbors will be like.

Sometimes I think, 'what if our neighbors raise dragons'? Big ugly monster dragons that breathe fire and eat children or even their smaller brothers. Maybe the dragons eat parents, or dogs. What if it eats our new house before we even move in? Maybe the dragons will eat our new house with us all in it for its Christmas breakfast.

Then again, I could make friends with the dragons. If I had a dragon for a friend I could fly to the mountains, the forests, the country or even to an island if I wanted to. I could teach the dragon to ride a bike and we could go to the bike track together. Now that I think about it I would love to have a family of dragons for my neighbors.

What if our house is being built on top of a volcano? That would be terrible. In the middle of the night the volcano could erupt. Our beautiful new house would go flying into the air. My dad says there isn't a volcano under the ground where our new house is but he could be wrong. Even dads are wrong sometimes.

It could be a hidden volcano way way deep under our house. I could be jumping on my trampoline and then jump off of it onto the ground and that could wake up the earth and then *BOOOOOM*. Lucky for me I will have a family of dragons living next to me and they will be able to fly my family away from the fiery volcano.

What if we have bank robbers next door? Dragons on one side, bank robbers on the other - and the volcano, too! Maybe the robbers will dig a tunnel in their back yard to the banks three blocks away.

The bank robbers may ever steal our dog to dig the tunnel. Our dog loves digging holes and he wouldn't know a bad hole from a good hole. I will have to teach him about bank robbers. Maybe there is a book at the Monday Bay Public Library, How to teach your dog to stay away from bank robbers.

I even wrote a letter to the police and told them we had bank robbers next to our new house. They will know what to do. Maybe I will get a reward. Actually I hope there are bank robbers next door because if there are not any I will be in trouble.

What about the Greenhouse effect? Living by the sea may be dangerous. The ice could melt at the poles and with dragons breathing fire into the air it will only get worse. Luckily we are buying a sailboat. We will be able to sail away when the sea rises.

There could be Martians next door or people who keep tigers in the back yard or even a herd of angry ageing African elephants. The army may have a hidden military base under the neighbor's house. Maybe my new schoolteacher lives next door or there could be a rock and roll band that likes to play loud in the middle of the night.

Then again, there could be just regular people next door and they could have regular kids that are fun to play with. Maybe they are even worried about us. I will just go and meet them. But I will take my dad and our dog with us just in case.

Terrell Neuage 1997


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