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I bet on a horse that looked like you

I bet

on a race horse

that bore your name

it stumbled

at the clubhouse turn

just like I did

through your life

© Terrell Adsit (now Neuage) 1971 New Orleans

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© Terrell Neuage (web-pictrepoem) 1991 Victor Harbor South Australia


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Leigh Neuage (July 6 1983 - August 16 2003)

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Current research:
1. GRIN’s technologies: [Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology (Joel Garreau)] impact on communicational evolutions; how will we translate meaning from sender to receiver if the ‘decoder’ is inserted in the minds of but a fraction of society? An extension to my PhD thesis: ‘Conversational Analysis of Chatroom “talk”’
2. Philosophical clashes between longevity (the race to extend life cycles without end) ~ reincarnation and traditional Christianity.

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