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I was staying at a camping ground a few moments out of Hilo

when first I saw her running toward me

Then in kisses and embraces she enveloped me

She had some white slip thing on that girls

in the '60s wore

and of course bells, beads and scent of sandalwood and patchouli oil.

Then she kissed my feet and said she had waited

all her life for me.

I couldn't wait another moment to have her

and did in a cloud of frankincense and myrrh.

She said I was surrounded in white light

as she lit up some Maui-wowie and took more psilocybin

She even dubbed me Saint Terrell

and for decades later she addressed me that way...

Now the world seems so different from

those magical days in Hawaii 25 years ago

Now no one calls me Saint Terrell:

Not me kids

me friends

tax office


nor the ex-thingie (who writes me 'dear shithead')

Chialeah visited me in New Orleans and Los Angles

in the '70s and rambled on about other lives

realms, bodies (the one she had now was enough for me), dimensions

It was all peu de chose to me

Her body and responses throughout the nights-days-weeks...

was enough for every life, dimension, body...

She wanted my soul

I just wanted more of her body (the physical one she had with her then)

an equal trade in any man's book (eternity for a good fuck).

I have no idea where in the world she is

if at all she is on this planet

or whether in fact she now has my soul

(I've sold, traded and given it away so often ~ whom ever ends up with it is a loser for sure)

Maybe her daughters whose father(s)

could have been any number of us saints

are here still (as my dreams reveal)

But every once in awhile

when the day gets to me just a bit too much

I remember her


'Saint Terrell'

and my satisfied body and I escape smiling

one more time.

(c) Saint Terrell Neuage (Adsit - alias Brother Arthur) Victor Harbor South Australia 1993. 

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When I first sought her love it was the '60s

Everyone had a go of her

'make love not war'

We all chanted it

we all wanted her

I wanted her just to myself

so did everyone else.

Like being at the service department

in a market

Get in line - wait for your number

I always take two numbers

it is a habit

from when I wanted her twice an hour


'A kilo of Brie please'


Breasts and thighs please

I never did get her all to myself

She had a daughter

gained a lot of weight

No one wanted her

She committed suicide

no one lined up for her funeral.

            9-10-94 Victor Harbor SA

I lost her at an orgy in 1969 in San Francisco

So many arms-legs-and other parts...

Like a caldron of starving snakes slithering sliding

frantic tongues in eager mouths open wide


Did all those parts regroup - get back to their owners

Or did that pile of bodies stay entangled

and is now moving across the planet

her as its head

A multinational spider-web of lust

Engulfing all that goes before it

like love constantly does

without me


this picture poem is 8 by 10 inch and is available

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This picture poem ( 8 by 10 inch) is available for sale

Leigh Neuage (July 6 1983 - August 16 2003)

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