leaving australia

It is not the flight which was memorable. Just another plane leaving Baltimore International Airport.

How many people have done that?

As we went into the clouds I watched the patterns of the traffic in the frozen snowfalls below fade and I drifted off into thoughts of Australia where I had never been before and would never go to again.  Just a week's visit for an astrological conference in Sydney and soon I would be back to what was simple, controllable, comfortable, normal - my life. I had my year; actually I had the decade mapped out. Dot points and arrows filled my planning sheet. How could it be different?

After twenty-two years and a life I can barely believe I experienced I am finally leaving Australia......

Available mid2004 (c) terrell neuage (terrell adsit 1980 when this journey began)


~~meandsled.JPG (14870 bytes)Clifton Park New York 1955 on the way to Adelaide South Australia